ComField Management Services:
Who We Are and What We Do

ComField Management Services Inc. is a privately owned and operated company focusing on condominium and commercial property management in the Greater Toronto area. Founded in 2004 under our parent company, Community First Developments Inc., our ownership group has more than 60 years of property management experience. Our collective professional designations include Certified Property Manager (REIC), Registered Condominium Manager (ACMO) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA).  ComField is proud to be an Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario 2000 certified company since 2006.

At ComField, our primary objective is to ensure our clients receive exceptional value that is positively reflected on their bottom line, by fostering positive growth within their unique community. Working toward a goal of steady, sustainable growth, our clients, as well as the community they foster, benefit from the first day we work together. We understand and appreciate the value of the trust given to us by our clients, and in turn we provide personalized, professional treatment each and every time.

While other companies are often satisfied accepting a loss ratio between 5 and 10 percent, we believe otherwise. In fact, ComField Management Services has managed an involuntary turnover rate of less than 2% in 2012, and our goal is to ensure that this number remains the same for the foreseeable future. By choosing quality over quantity, we prove daily that our team is best positioned to respond to any of the diverse and complex issues faced by property owners.

How Proper Staff Management Makes a World of Difference

One key difference ComField Management Services brings to the table is our dedication to minimizing staff turnover, which is one of the biggest causes of inconvenience and risk to any company’s bottom line. We manage to drastically reduce this risk through our enlightened and fair human resources practices, thereby reducing employee turnover, and as a result any potential disruption to our client’s business and bottom line. We treat our employee’s right, which translates to pride in their work and keeping our client’s best interest at heart. Turnover is minimized and productivity remains high.

In the event that a replacement is required short-term or longer-term for any reason, we are able to provide the necessary coverage in a timely manner, causing minimal downtime or stress to your community’s residents.

ComField Management Services places a premium on our clients along with our hardworking staff, because we understand the value of both better than anyone else.

Through our consistent and supportive management presence, our company has grown and matured into the respected organization we are proud to be today. We are eager to show you how we can bring this same level of growth to your residential or commercial property.

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