Our Staff

Property Management can be one of the most complex and difficult jobs to handle. Ensuring that a condominium, townhouse complex, or a retail plaza runs smoothly is often not as simple as it initially appears. At ComField Management Services, our team of property management experts brings you required experience, knowledge, training, industry credentials, and resources to ensure that operations run smoothly at all times.

Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Data – Financial security and peace of mind is paramount. Our team uses a powerful suite of financial and property management tools to ensure pinpoint accuracy for your accounting, so that your investment are meaningful to you!

Maintenance Management – We conduct regular site visits and monthly inspections to implement and improve preventative measures, ensuring there are no problems with the integrity of your property. This will allow you, and your occupants to feel safe and satisfied.

Energy Management – Comprehensive monitoring and data reporting of your building’s water, hydro, and natural gas costs by our Energy Management team.

Professional Supervision – Our dedicated staff, which includes a Senior Property Manager, will handle all the day-to-day legislated requirements and physical demands associated with the property, allowing you to focus more on other areas that demand your time and attention.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Assistance – No matter how far you plan in advance, the possibility of urgent events occurring without warning will always exist. We are accessible 24/7, and every emergency is managed by our team.